Queue Tip



Hourly Line Service

Enter time and location for your line valet to arrive. We will hold your spot in line and provided you with regular updates. Finally, we notify you when it's time to swap places in line of make the purchase on your behalf. Available daily from 8 am-12 midnight

Rates: 1st hour/ $40.00; each additional hour/ $20.00 



Overnight Line Service


Around here we call this our "toothbrush service". This is our most popular service. Perfect line service for those hot limited editions and door busters, when you need to have a line valet stand in line overnight. Available daily from 12 midnight to 8 am. 

Rates: 1st hour/ $50.00; each additional hour/ $25.00


First 20 VIP Service

This is for the once in a lifetime, must see, must have, FOMO event. We guarantee a spot in the first 20 spaces, so you have have more buying options. 

Rates: 1st hour/ $100.00; each additional hour/ $35.00

8 hour minimum


Lite Tasks

Our Line Valets can also handle lite tasks. Need something picked up from the cleaners and delivered to your door? Need to run a few errands? Let our line valets handle it. Just tell us whats on your To-Do list. 

Rates: 1st hour/ $50.00; each additional hour/ $20.00

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